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Company News

On April 25, 2018, Mr. Wang Zetao, Executive Director and General Manager of the company, attended the awarding ceremony of the “Third China Insurance Service Innovation Forum •Enjoy the Intelligent Future” and received the award of "2017Annual List of Reparation Cases of China Insurance (Life Insurance)".

From June 6 to 8, 2018, Datong Surveyors & Loss Adjusters invited nearly 60 executives responsible for insurance claims from more than 30 insurance companies to take part in the “First Senior Insurance Claim Professional Seminar in China Insurance Market Research Center of Central University of Finance and Economics.”

On July 23, 2018, Mr. Wang Zetao, Executive Director and General Manager of Datong Insurance Surveyors & Loss Adjusters Co., Ltd., attended in the first"Insurance Thinking Sharing Forum" held jointly by Shanghai Insurance Association and Shanghai Insurance Society.

From September 14 to 16, 2018, Datong Insurance Surveyors & Loss Adjusters Co., Ltd.held the 2008 Autumn Exchanges between Hubei, Jiangxi, Hunan and Anhui in Jinligou, Huangpi, Wuhan.

On October 18, 2018, Datong Insurance Surveyors & Loss Adjusters Co., Ltd., as the onlyexternal insurance survey and loss adjustment company for providing the training appointed bythe headquarter of China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd., assigned Wei Qiang, Head of the Serious Cases Processing Centre, Sun Chen, Head of Department of Business Development, and Wang Xin, Head of Sichuan Institute to attend the 2018 CPPI Accident Insurance Claims Training(Chengdu Station).

On November 23, 2018, Wang Zetao, Executive Director and General Manager of Datong Insurance Assessment Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the Hangzhou Summit of the 2nd China Insurance Claims Collaboration Network Forum. The theme of the conference is "Transition, Innovation, Development - A New Way to Resolve Insurance Complaints and Claims Disputes". Mr. Wang Zetao discussed the subject of innovating the complaint management and dispute resolution mechanism for claims settlement and jointly transferring insurance value with Zhu Keqiang, General Manager of Taikang Group Operating Center, Shen Guijie, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Branch of Xinhua Life Insurance Company, Guo Zhaoming, General Manager of Technology/CNAS of Dean Appraisal Department, and Chen Yunfeng, Chairman of Beijing Billion Network Technology Co., Ltd

From December 9 to 12, 2018, Datong Insurance Surveyors & Loss Adjusters Co., Ltd.held a 2019 working plan meeting in Zhengzhou. The current development status of various institutions and their business outlook in next year were well shared at the meeting.

Now all living things are growing under spring sunlight. In the hopeful March, Datong Insurance Assessment has invited senior executives from the branches or headquarters of insurance companies in 24 provinces and municipalities across the country to participate in a four-day seminar at Fudan University, and opened an unusual academic exchange and communication.

D.Tong Spring Elite Training Camp at Jiaxing in 2019 In order to enhance the cohesion of the team, improve the professional ability and core competitiveness, and build a high-end team, D.Tong held the spring training camp at Meihuazhou in Jiaxing from March 6th to 11th. The training camp consists of three parts: quality courses, practice and quality development. We are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and start the journey together.

To improve the professional skills of tutors of Datong, to help tutors become familiar with the post duty fast, and to help tutors to adapt to the scientific development mode and staff training system (mutual help and teach), Datong held its first 2019 tutor training class on May 17th.

In order to conclude the operation and management work of the company of the first half-year, in order to plan and implement the work of the second half year, and in order to solve problems and explore our vision, Datong held a working conference in Jinan from July 10th, 2019 to July 13th, 2019.